Monday, September 19, 2011

Laggin' Behind

Alright, I'm starting to feel pretty motivated about getting "out there" and improving my photography skills.  I'm actually pretty excited about it.  Hopefully, this weekend, I'll have the opportunity to shoot one of my best friends since middle school and her baby girl on our first trip to the coast since moving out here!

In other news, my daughter received another "Care Package" from Grandma JuJu.  She was pretty stinkin' ecstatic (and cute)!

She was asleep when her package arrived.

Didn't take much to motivate her to tearing into her box!

So excited to see what's inside!

Yay, shoes!

Daddy helps put on her new instant-favorite pair :)

She LOVES her new coat!

Ready to put together the GRAND FINALE!

Momma had to get in there and finish the job....

Slightly damaged in the process (Daddy underestimates his own strength sometimes!)

Happily playing ^_^

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