Sunday, September 4, 2011

About Me & What I Do

Though we currently reside on the other side of the country, California will probably always be the place I call "home".  It's where most of our family still lives.  It's where we "grew up".  It's where we went to school.  And if we can afford it, it's probably where we're going to retire.  My husband, our daughter, and myself were all born there.  And of course, home to Disneyland, "the happiest place on earth" ... outside the politics, I truly do miss everything Cali has to offer, including my family and friends.

Currently jobless since our move across the states from one coast to the other on my husband's orders; a special "thank you" to our darling government for the hiring freeze.  I'm hopeful to land some sort of income soon.  As much as I love spending more time with our daughter, I'm not the SAHM sort.  I stay at home, and most of my time (when not entertaining the toddler) is spent surfing the net or playing video games.  I'd rather pull my weight "working the field", not just handling the chores at home.  I like working.  I enjoy helping others, working on projects, providing leadership... granted, I do that as Mom, but it's nice working with adults, too, ya know.

So, I figured, while I'm out of a job, I can hone in my photography skills some.  I read various sites, books, & magazines, and *hope* for better equipment one day, but for now I utilize what I have and make the most of it and my "creative" ideas, and see where it takes me, yes?  And one of my favorite subjects would be our daughter, of course :)

Saying "goodbye" to the Golden Coast

Playing with the lighting when the power was out

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