Thursday, May 9, 2013

Neighborly Love 2.0!

Alas, I've been so bad with keeping this thing updated, but I honestly believe it's something that I should do just to help me... focus.  On the good.  On the memories.  Even if no one else sees this, it helps to look back and cherish it all, reflect.... etcetera :)

So, on that note, a great friend of ours had her husband return from overseas after their first 6-month-long deployment.  Now our family, we've been there (two 6-months and one year-long deployments) but we've never had pictures done for our homecomings.  My friend was kind enough to allow me to practice doing such with her family.

Since we didn't get nearly enough pictures (in our opinions, haha) we did a 2-day photoshoot of their family, with the first day as a sweet lil picnic, set up, quite literally, on our doorstep.  We're so lucky to have such a gorgeous field and park at the end of our townhomes here!

Day Two (done about a week later) was done in Annapolis on an absolutely gorgeous day before all the rain and thunder storms that followed (and have continued this week).  ALSO, thanks to my AWESOME husband, I finally have Photoshop again!  However, I haven't really even BEGUN to master it's many uses, seeing how the last time I really used it and took courses was back when CS2 was new.  So I've been working on a new logo, something not too bland, but at the same time, not too crazy...

They're an awesome, fun couple, with adorable kids to boot!  It was a fun time, followed up with some good BBQ & s'more makins.... and eventually, drunk husbands, and that's ok!  Good times :)