Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ready for Kindergarten...!

My little girl isn't such a little girl anymore... sure, she attended PreK during the Spring this year, but that was only a few hours a day... now she's about to set off on her scholarly journey beginning with Kindergarten next week!  Tomorrow we meet her teacher, Mrs. Trapp, who I've heard nothing but good things about, so while I'm a bit antsy, I'm excited as well.  Our daughter, however, has been waiting for the moment all summer long.  She loves school, and I'm happy for her go-gett'em attitude :)

To commemorate this moment, I let her pick out one of her back-to-school outfits and took her on a little "adventure" and did a photoshoot.  We had quite a bit of fun, and she came out beautifully ^_^  She had to bring her birthday pegasi along (of course!)

I love this little big girl with all my heart.

She's such an awesome big sister.  Her little brother managed to keep himself pretty entertained the entire time, so it all worked out ;)

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