Monday, November 14, 2011

Loves of my Life

Today... well, now yesterday... we went on a little hiking excursion near our home here on Post.  I love spending [quality] time with our family ^_^  Hubby and I took turns on the camera, so there are actually a few shots of me in this sequence!

Happy Trails!
We took our new pup with us on our little excursion

We love autumn (and playing in the leaves obviously)

My man & babies (or, perhaps I should just say "my babies"?  hahaha)

"Gimmie a kiss, Daddy!"

Running down the road

It was such a lovely walk, full of beautiful colors!

In other FANTASTIC news, we have our tickets to get to California!  Sure, we owe JuJu roughly $1500, but it'll totally be worth it.

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